Simulation and Training

The Swedish leading supplier of training systems in Europe – SAAB AB provides solutions within the live, virtual, and constructive domain.

SAAB Training and simulation has built a modular and scalable system for live laser-based training. The system called Gamer, is easy to configure to suite precise needs. This means that the Military, Special Forces, Police, and other units can start with a smaller instrumented training system and then grow with more players and functions when the need arise.

The Gamer System is based on Combat and gunnery Training and it is easy to add packages for Urban Training, Medic, CBRN and Counter IED Training. Different units can train separately and/or together. The system provides powerful tools for analysis of performance on both individual and unit level. Modularity and scalability are the key for cost effective training.

Live Fire Training allows troops to learn how to use their weapons, individually or within a unit. SAAB’s solutions, including targetry and range equipment for gunnery, force-on-target and urban training, will perfect individual skill and tactical behavior.

The US-based manufacturer of simulators for law enforcement and military training – VirTra creates immersive science-based training simulations designed to teach a variety of cognitive and psycho-motor skills ranging from de-escalation to judgmental use of force to situational awareness.

Video scenarios are filmed in superior quality, contain the full fidelity of real actors, and are scripted by subject matter experts. Scenarios can be paired with our patented technologies to inspire critical thinking, elicit emotion, and immerse your team in a stress-inducing environment. The V-Marksmanship® software allows for best-in-the-industry ballistically accurate training on a variety of targets, courses, and training scenarios.