LOMINI Ltd. represents the world leader in blast and ballistic protection for the human body – Med-Eng.

The USA company is developer of unique Force Protection solutions to meet the requirements for today’s modern War fighter. Med-Eng suits, helmets and tools are trusted in over 140 countries and territories worldwide. Med-Eng bomb disposal suits and helmets are for superior protection and ergonomic design.


EOD 10 Suit and Helmet

The introduction of the EOD® 10 sets a new gold standard for blast protection, ergonomic design and technical capabilities. This Med-Eng multi-year development program focused on a user-centric design to provide the best possible overall experience and the results are outstanding.

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TAC 6E Suit

The TAC 6E is a highly versatile and lightweight suit for Military EOD Operators and Bomb Technicians supporting SWAT teams/bomb squads.

It protects against blast and fragmentation in ‘non-permissive’ environments where it is not possible or practical to wear a full scale, heavy bomb suit.

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Defender 2.1 ROV

The Defender 2.1 ROV/UGV is a sophisticated and large bomb disposal robot with heavy lifting capability and a very powerful weight to strength ratio that helps bomb techs respond to VBIEDs and CBRN agents.

This EOD/IED disposal robot has a titanium frame and can deploy X-ray systems, explosive charges and multiple disruptors in either a single or double configuration.

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Avenger is a mid-sized robot, versatile and capable of effectively performing a wide range of Law Enforcement, First Responder and Military robotic functions. Its modular construction and advanced electronic design makes maintenance and support in the field simple and inexpensive, improving the life cycle of the robot.

With its exceptional reach and lifting capabilities, the Avenger is a leap forward in EOD robotic design. Avenger’s arm and claw provide capabilities typically found only on larger robots. It can easily reach over and under obstacles to grasp a target or deploy X-Ray systems, disruptors, EOD tools and sensors.

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HAL® General Service Kit

The HAL GS General Service Hook and Line Kit provides bomb disposal technicians with a comprehensive set of recommended core kit tools to successfully conduct EOD/IEDD semi-remote handling & removal tasks. It includes over 100 Hook and Line kit items and over 30 different component types.

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HAL®Tactical Kit

The HAL®Tactical Modular Equipment Packs are modular, lightweight, compact, adaptable, and reliable. The components offered will set the standard for tools used in Tactical, SWAT, Dismounted IEDD, Route Clearance or other tasks and equally challenging operations.

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