Traffic Priority Control


We work with Global Traffic Technologies, LLC (GTT) and Aanderaa Data Instruments AS (AADI).

Global Traffic Technologies, LLC (GTT) is the manufacturer of Opticom™ priority control systems and Canoga™ traffic sensing systems. These systems have provided safe and reliable traffic solutions to communities for over 40 years.

Opticom™ is a proven traffic signal priority control system that expedite emergency response and enhance transit efficiencies without compromising safety.

Opticom™ emergency vehicle preemption enables responders to preempt traffic signals and gain vehicle right-of-way through intersections for faster, safer response.

With Opticom™ transit signal priority (TSP), transit authorities can ensure vehicles stay on schedule — saving fuel, headaches and money. Opticom™ TSP features transmitting equipment at key intersections and an emitter on transit vehicles to extend green traffic signals or truncate red signals for safer, on-time passage to the next destination.

The Canoga™ Traffic Sensing System gives traffic professionals precise, real-time data to devise innovative management strategies and alleviate the strain on roadways, citizens, businesses and infrastructure.

The Canoga™ system is installed beneath the roadway pavement. It monitors individual vehicle speeds and lengths, mean speed, count and occupancy, and speed and length classifications. The data can be obtained and retrieved remotely in real time.