Sub-Bottom Profilers

INNOMAR Technologie GmbH is a German company that develops and produces efficient acoustic underwater systems, marine electronics and software. The company was founded in 1997 after extensive work focusing on underwater acoustics including linear and parametric sub-bottom profilers, power amplifiers as well as analogue and digital signal processing.

Featured products:

SES-2000 Parametric Sub-Bottom Profilers

ses2000standardThe main product line is the SES-2000 series of mobile parametric sub-bottom profilers with echo-sounder functionality for shallow (1m to 500m) and deep waters (up to full ocean depth). Parametric sound generation guarantees an outstanding spatial resolution due to the transmission of short focused sound pulses at high ping rates (up to 50pps). All channels are recorded digitally, but analogue outputs are available as well.

The narrow-beam SES-2000 sub-bottom profilers are perfectly suited for exploring the sub-seafloor at high resolution with a sediment penetration of up to 200m (depending on model and environmental conditions). Applications include the detection of sediment structures for dredging and geological surveys as well as searching embedded objects like pipelines, boulders or archaeological artefacts. Centre frequency and bandwidth (pulse length) can be adjusted over a wide range according to the application using a user-friendly data acquisition and control software. For deep-water applications chirp (LFM) signals are available.