People screening


Orion® Metor 900M is advanced walkthrough metal detector with enhanced capabilities for the detection of metal contraband in all security applications.

Metor 900M object classification technology allows an advanced capability to identify items more accurately compared to ferrous/non- ferrous information only. With exact electromagnetic characteristics on the material and shape of the item the Metor 900M is able to quickly distinguish between threats and innocuous objects. This will reduce the need for manual pat down and save time and money.

The Metor 900M comes with intelligent new features such as the smart card support via NFC (Near Field communication). With the smart card an operator can make parameter changes and select security levels quickly and reliably using a simple contactless system.


Due to enhanced discrimination features, the Metor® 6WP is well suited for fast security screening of large groups of people. To assist security personnel in locating threat objects accurately and consistently, the Metor® 6WP is equipped with two zone displays.

The mechanics of the Metor® 6WP are specifically designed to endure multiple installations in various locations. The unit is simple to install and can be set up by one person in five minutes. Due to its compact structure and light weight design, the Metor® 6WP can easily be transported from location to location without any tools for set up or dismantle. As an extra benefit for temporary applications, the unit can be transported while fully assembled.