Parachute systems

Parachute Systems

LOMINI Ltd. represents the world leader in aerial delivery systems Airborne Systems. The company engineers and manufactures high-quality, high-performance personnel and cargo aerial delivery systems and related products for the military, search and rescue and space & recovery industry.

Airborne Systems designs and manufactures high-performance, truly-elliptical RAM AIR parachutes for various types of military missions, particularly special operations. Airborne Systems RAM AIR Parachutes are currently in service with military forces worldwide.

Intruder™ System

The Raider-Intruder™ System is designed to meet the military requirements. This advanced parachute system has been specifically designed for jumpers carrying heavy loads into rough, unfamiliar drop zones at night.

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Maneuverable troop parachute system

Developed through the Special Operations Force’s Tactical Assault Parachute System (SOFTAPS) program for precision infiltration, the MC-6 features the latest in advanced technology for steerable troop parachute systems. Airborne Systems is the only source qualified to provide the MC-6 system internationally.

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Expert CYPRES 2

The Expert CYPRES is the most commonly used model as it meets the demands of a wide range of jumpers. Either just off of student status or with skydives into the thousands, the Expert unit is probably the choice for you. The Expert CYPRES activates the cutter when it detects a descent rate higher than 78mph (35mps) at an approximate default altitude of 750 ft (225m) above ground level (AGL).

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