Golden Engineering X-ray sources

XR150 X-ray Source

The Golden Engineering XR150 has been redesigned with a 16 character LCD (8×2) menu based interface. The XR150 is a 150 kV, battery powered unit. The menu based electronics allow operators to enter up to 999 count in multiple pulse trains.

XR200 X-ray Source

The Golden Engineering redesigned XR200 has an 80 character LCD (20×4), menu based interface and is powered by a DeWalt 18v-20v Li-Ion battery. With it’s compact size (13% smaller in volume) and a pulse rate of 25 pulses per second the XR200 is the fastest of all Golden Engineering models.

XRS3 X-ray Source

The Golden Engineering XRS3 pulsed X-ray source is a 270 kV unit that is the most versatile, providing exceptional penаtrating ability in a compact package. This lightweight source has proven it can withstand extreme environments from artic to desert conditions.

XRS4 X-ray Source

The XRS4 source is the largest and highest kV source produced by Golden Engineering. At 370 kV, the XRS4 has the greatest penеtration while weighing only 10.5 kg including the battery. Two features unique to the XRS4 include a robust aluminum housing, and a bellows located in the handle. Both of these features improve the durability and longevity of the generator.