Cargo and vehicles inspection

ZBV®- Mobile Z Backscatter cargo and vehicle sreening system

The ZBV® is the most maneuverable, versatile, and successful cargo and vehicle screening system on the market. Its easy-to-interpret Z Backscatter® image quickly and clearly reveals threats like explosives, drugs, currency, and trade-fraud items such as alcohol and cigarettes—even in high-throughput environments like border crossings and security checkpoints.

Main features:

  • Proven, reliable in the toughest environments (hot, cold, sand, war zone) with greater than 95% operational availability
  • Fully mobile, small footprint, self-contained, and operational within minutes of arrival on site
  • Provides complete field of view of vehicles of all heights, including the tires
  • Scan Speeds: up to 10 km/h (6 mph)
  • Available in several models to meet customer needs

EAGLE® M60 - High-energy, mobile cargo inspection system

The Eagle® M60 is a high-energy mobile inspection system for scanning cargo and vehicles at seaports, border crossings, and roadside checkpoints. The system offers high-quality transmission imaging with material discrimination, and multiple operational modes for maximum flexibility as inspection needs change. The latest design features greater configurability to meet customer needs and a more spacious operator control room.

Main Features:

  • High-performance, 6 MeV imaging with material discrimination
  • Safely screens occupied driver cab using optional CabScan® technology
  • Scans cargo and vehicles up to 5 meters in height
  • Easily driven on public roads and quickly deployed after arriving on site
  • Optional driverless mode allows operators to scan vehicles without requiring a driver, thereby reducing operating costs

EAGLE® G60 - High-energy gantry inspection system

The Eagle® G60 offers high-quality, dual-energy imaging for screening dense cargo for threats and contraband, and verifying manifests. It scans on a rail-mounted gantry or in drive-through portal mode, providing powerful inspection of containers as well as safe screening of drive-through traffic. In portal mode, our CabScan® technology enables scanning of the occupied truck cab with low energy and automatically switches to a higher energy to screen the cargo container, providing a safe, thorough and efficient scanning solution.

Main features:

  • Reliable 6 MeV X-ray imaging system
  • High-quality dual-energy imaging for the detection of explosives, weapons, and contraband
  • Scans up to 20 trucks per hour in gantry mode, up to 100 trucks per hour in portal mode
  • Multiple configurations and operational modes that cater to various applications

Z Portal® for Trucks and Cargo - Multi-view, multi-technology, cargo and vehicle screening system

The Z Portal® for Trucks and Cargo is a high-throughput, drive-through inspection system for large trucks, buses and cargo containers. It utilizes multiple X-ray technologies to provide up to six images of the truck or cargo and is well suited for high-traffic locations. For enhanced metallic detection, the Sentry® Portal can be deployed along with the Z Portal system.

Main features:

  • Extremely high throughput of up to 250 trucks per hour
  • Ideal for high-traffic locations
  • Images from three sides simultaneously with Z Backscatter® and optional dual-energy transmission technology
  • Highlights organic and metallic threats and contraband, such as explosives, weapons, currency, and drugs
  • Compact design and profile for space constrained areas