Life detectors

The lightweight, hand-held DKL LifeGuard™ is a passive electronic sensor that detects the electric field created by a beating human heart, even through barriers. A patented filter eliminates all but the unique ultra low frequency (ULF) human electric field. Since it detects only living humans, the LifeGuard ™ is immune to false alarms caused by animals, heat, vibration or noise.

The LifeGuard can detect and track a standing adult from 500 meters in the open air, and at shorter distances through concrete walls, steel bulkheads, brick, earthworks, plastics, heavy foliage, underwater, and most other barriers. In preliminary field exercises, the LifeGuard also has located targets from helicopters. It is an advanced instrument that requires some training. It utilizes no hazardous materials, has no known practical countermeasures, and emits no radiation, with the exception of an optional, low-energy, eye-safe laser pointer.

Because the LifeGuard can be used from a distance and through barriers, it has proven to be a valuable force multiplier when used together with thermal imaging, acoustical sensors, night vision, or SAR dogs.