To successfully protect and monitor cities, facilities and other important infrastructures rapid detection units are a necessity. The technology provides the means for fast detection and identification.

ChemPro®100i Improved Chemical Detector

Environics is now introducing the next generation ChemPro100 detector and the concept of using ChemPro100 as a ‘multi tool’ to meet also biological and radiological detection needs. Environics has expanded ChemPro100 capabilities by implementing four new chemical sensors in addition to existing IMS and two semiconductor sensors. These new sensors increase the number of detectable chemicals, improve detection sensitivity and decrease the possibility of false alarms.

The ChemPro100 is no longer only a Chemical Detector – the ChemPro Reader Module adds new functionality in the form of handheld biological detection. The optional accessory is intended for reading commercial immunoassay tests applying gold- or fluorescence-labelled antibodies. The device contains a digital camera with an image recognization algorithm and LEDs as light sources. The ChemPro100 provides the Reader Module with power, a processor, a user interface and a display.

ChemPro®100i offers the same possibility as the ChemPro100 Basic, to meet different type of threats in the whole field of C, B and RN protection. ChemPro® CBRN – Concept gives the user an opportunity to respond to any CBRN related threat with only one piece of equipment: ChemPro®. Utilizing ‘Plug and Play’ feature, user turns the Chemical Detector into a real multi purpose detector.